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PAPAYA:from Viana do Castelo, to the world!

Be very welcome toblog from PAPAYA.

A channel that aims to get even closer to the people of Viana and all those who, like us, fall in love with the magnificent city of Viana do Castelo.

ablog that will revive Viennese traditions and customs. ablog that will be a digital link with the community. It is ablog which will be the gateway for all those who want to know more about the city and the region.

For this first article, we decided to present our brand. Tell a little about our history, roots, motivations and, of course, where we want to take thePAPAYA.

Ready for this trip?

From Avenida Rocha Páris, No. 83, in Viana do Castelo, to the world!

THEPAPAYA is a brand with an independent local craft store in Viana do Castelo, proud of its roots. Since November 2019, representing the history of the capital of Alto Minho in each prop and accessory, it reached 2020, at a time when everything changed, with the feeling of uncertainty due to the pandemic scenario of COVID-19.

However, this uncertainty quickly sharpened the ingenuity and became a mission to help make the population feel even more secure and optimistic.

From this willingness to help, thePAPAYA Masks. Reusable protective masks that arise from the dialogue with our customers. Customers who have challenged and encouraged us to create protection from one of the most beautiful and famous traditions of Viana do Castelo, the traditional and original fabric of Viana do Castelo scarves.

However, we did not create them alone. Knowing that Viana do Castelo was one of the places most affected by the pandemic and that it left textile factories and small businesses supported by tourism disabled, we decided to bring to this project the work and dedication of local artisans who, until then, were on alay-off or unemployed.


We decided to work hard and then start our community and social journey.In each mask, in addition to a part of us, there is also the story of a Viennese artisan.That is why we believe in this project.

This mission was born out of the characteristic optimism and resilience of Minho, the desire to continue putting Viana on the map, in order to raise the pride of the region.

Words that encourage us to work for something much bigger!

In a context like this, we feel a duty to help. Although we are separated, we are together. And that’s whyPAPAYA is committed to helping the local community and putting Viana do Castelo on the map, one of the regions most affected by the pandemic, by creating jobs, as is the case with our seamstresses who have put their knowledge into practice to bring tradition of the characteristic scarfs of Viana to stamp the smiles of the Portuguese through our social protection masks”says Anabela Viana.

Over the past few years, the northern zone has been known for textiles, functioning as a HUB for large national and international large-scale productions. The world stopped and the North was forced to stop too. It's time to rethink production and the way we consume”, says Ricardo Viana.

This is the spirit of the team behind thePAPAYA. The differential that positions us: we want to bring generations together, at a time when, although separate, we must all be together.

We work to spread the Minho tradition among the Portuguese, combining it with security, involving in what the older generations who know the best cooking processes and the younger generations, who know the new technologies do..

Whether in creation or operation, the objective is clear:small, bairrista and optimistic, dedicated to selling local handicraft products, to PAPAYA wants to continue putting Viana do Castelo on the map.

“We are a cultural project to put Viana on the map”

Already mentioned in our article, this is another of our main ideas. Our genesis being thelocal handicrafts from Viana do Castelo, as a result of this innovation, we also use the traditional scarf from Viana in innovative fashion accessories, clothing and decoration.

Among the various articles, we providetote bags,regional shirts,ponchos orcushions, with this material that represents our region so well.

This bet byPAPAYAin differentiated products aims to show even more the art of Viennese seamstresses, their quality, while valuing tradition. It is, deep down, yet another way to help the local economy, appeal to responsible consumption and production.

They say that marks are made by those who are behind them. That's exactly what we believe in!

And this is how we finish this article. We promise 100 diligence so that this channel is one more arm in this mission to put the Viana do Castelo region on the map.

As a brand, we promise to always value the traditions and customs of our city!

Thanks for everything,

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