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Sugestões PAPAYA para este Natal

Christmas is almost here and the time to start thinking about gifts too.

At PAPAYA we have Christmas gifts for all family members and for ... all invisible friends yes, we know that sometimes it is difficult to offer a gift in these cases. Fortunately, to help, we have a gift guide with our tips for a more sustainable, original, traditional and handmade Christmas, with the best of Viana do Castelo.o.

These are our suggestions for this Christmas.

A more PAPAYA Christmas!!

  • Certified Washable and Reusable Masks)

The time has come for the year to take advantage of an excellent use of mask designs in traditional fabric from Viana do Castelo. Get into the Christmas spirit with cozy, regional and typically Minho patterns.

Intraditional masks,with patterns orfor children, who knows if it’s not going to brighten up someone’s holiday season Whether it’s family or even friends, take the opportunity to know the masks hand made by Viennese artisans.

They are washable, reusable and certified by the competent authorities. Totally safe!

  • Calendars, Phonebooks and Notepads

Prepare or help prepare 2021 with the most fun and traditional diaries, phone books and notepads this Christmas. An excellent suggestion to offer to anyone who is always pointing out anything and everything.

find it outall covers and products available.

  • Fashion accessories

Fromhair elastics ThetheTies / Geeks and theregional tapes, we have the best female wishlist of fashion accessories. In this selection of PAPAYA products, we have put together a list of potential Christmas gifts.

We have thebest traditional fashion accessories to complement the look of those who want to surprise!

  • Clothing

Discover all the clothing designed by PAPAYA.

Intraditional shirts (man and woman, regional ponchos,traditional collars andexclusive winter pieces, we have a selection that adapts to all styles and budgets.

Surprise someone with something different and so typical Minho. Help renew the essentials for this winter. Exclusive pieces, characteristic of Viana do Castelo and totally handmade.

P.S. They are customizable pieces. Take a look!!

  • Bags, Tote Bags and Purses

For those who never leave home without a suitcase. We have exclusive pieces for any occasion in ourrange backpacks for women. In addition, to complement, we also providenécessaires for all tastes, to take the essentials from day to day.

Finally, discover theour Tote Bags, at a time when fabric bags are in fashion, there is nothing like surprising someone with a trend!

All pieces, made with our emblematic regional scarf from Viana. They are combinations to discover and ideal to offer this Christmas.

  • Decoration

Find themost traditional decoration accessories from Minho to give another shine to the house of those you like best. Pieces that will turn any home into a unique and Minho-style space. From pillows to towels, everything exclusive to the Viana do Castelo region.. 

In fact, with our decorations and Minho influences, this Christmas will have a special taste.

  • Gift Boxes

Complement the offers with ourPapaya gift boxes! Ideal for your Christmas gifts, these boxes are perfect for surprising your friends and / or family at these parties. They include a postcard where you can write a special message to those who care about this festive season.

Indeed, discover now in our online store, Viana do Castelo and its most typical colors. Suggestions for a different Christmas, at Minho and 100 handmade by Viennese

“If you can't go to Viana, Viana will come to you!”

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