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Where to eat in Viana do Castelo:7 tips for eating well

The gastronomy of the Viana do Castelo region is especially known for its dishes from the sea Bacalhau à Viana, one of the best known, but also for the meat dishes, extremely tasty Rojões à Moda do Minho.ho).

In fact, in this article, 8 suggestions are listed to taste good dishes and enjoy the best of Minho gastronomy. When you ask yourself,where to eat in Viana do Castelo, nothing like consulting this gastronomic mini-guide.

Ready to choose?

Where to eat in Viana do Castelo: join the useful to the tasty!!

  • Restaurante Tasquinha da Linda

This is one of the most sought after restaurants in Viana do Castelo. Located at Doca das Marés A-10, it is installed in an old fishing warehouse.

Known mainly for its fish and seafood menu, it is a place where the sea enters our dish with flavorful condiments.

Commonaverage price of 25-30 2pxpx) per meal you can try dishes such as stuffed crab, octopus or galega or fish and seafood cataplana in copper casserole.

P.S. Has a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand award..

& gt; & gt;Visit Tasquinha da Linda
: Doca das Marés A-10, Viana do Castelo. Tel. 258 847 900

  • Margarida da Praça Restaurant

This Hotel-Restaurant is a tribute to the iconic figure of the cook of this Viennese space, Margarida, a Viennese cradle, a mature woman, exuberant in her chieira.

As for its dishes, it is home to one of the best codfish in Portugal. This is the case of codDaisy of the Square, a recipe for roasted loins with boiled potatoes and onions generously drizzled with olive oil.

In addition to cod, Margarida da Praça invests in recipes with a history of the Minho tradition. OAverage meal price is 35-40 2px.x).

& gt; & gt;Visit Margarida da Praça
Information: Largo 5 de Outubro, 58, Viana do Castelo. Tel. 258 809 630

  • Camel Restaurant

The Camelo Restaurant is another of the excellent places to eat in Viana do Castelo, mainly grilled meat and fish with abundant portions.

It is an authentic well-cooking machine. The menu is vast and, in addition to the strong dishes, the Camelo cod, the bitter rice stings the ground, the kid roasted in the oven and still lamprey at the time.Average price: 30€.

It is one of the restaurants frequented by the vianenses. So it means something!

& gt; & gt;Visit the Camel
Information: EN 202, Rua de Santa Marta, 119, Portuzelo. Tel. 258 839 090

  • O Laranjeira Restaurant

Over the years this was a restaurant that worked on the kitchen, exactly to maintain the tradition, implicit in the simplicity of the old recipes, without depriving it of the influence of new trends.

The recipe for the popular golden soup, the classic codfish à Laranjeira, Viana and Gil Eanes, are the stars of the house. However, meat is not left behind, roast kid and veal are also very popular with those who pass through Laranjeira.Average price is 20-30 2pxpx).

& gt; & gt;Visit Laranjeira
Information: Rua Manuel Espregueira, 24, Viana do Castelo. Tel. 258 822 258.

  • Casa de Pasto Maria de Perre

The name Casa de Pasto goes back to the times when only wine and snacks were served there. Maria de Perre was the founder and cook.

Bet on typical Portuguese gastronomy, with the best regional recipes, made with the freshest products from the land and from the sea Cod, of course. The wooden ceilings and stone walls, decorated with Viennese shawls, give a regional tone to Casa de Pasto Maria de Perre.. Average price: 30-40 2pxpx).

& gt; & gt;Visit Casa de Pasto Maria de Perre
Information: Rua de Viana, 118, Viana do Castelo. Tel. 258 822 410

  • O Manel Restaurant

All roads close to the Cultural Center of Viana will lead to Restaurante O Manel, where there is a space with good food, snacks and good wine. With a terrace, the O Manel restaurant focuses on fresh fish and meat from Minho.

Restaurante Manel, in Viana do Castelo, is a space with a familiar and welcoming atmosphere. If it's a good dish, Manel is the perfect restaurant for you!Average price: 25-30 2pxpx).

& gt; & gt;Visit O Manel Restaurant
Praça da Liberdade A2 A4, Viana do Castelo. Tel.258 845 320

  • Casa Primavera Taberna Soaress

This is a good choice for snacking on traditional Portuguese delicacies from the sea. Octopus, roe, shells, limpets, mussel, crab, prawns from the coast, prawns, barnacles, snails, lobster, razors, roasted sardines, and other different types of fresh fish are suggestions of the house.

The decor is typical and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Everything for a well-done and watered meal.. Average price is 20-30 2pxpx).

& gt; & gt;Visit Casa Primavera Taberna Soaress
Information: Rua Góis Pinto, 57 - Viana do Castelo. Tel: 258821807

  • Valentine's Tavern

It is one of the classic restaurants in Viana do Castelo and owes its name, above all, to the freshness of the fish and the art of grilling it. If you like fresh fish, freshly caught, you have to try this restaurant.

Bordeaux lamprey, or rice, and fried shad with white rice and salad, in the Alto Minho way, are a must in their times. Good traditional and regional sweets with emphasis on milk-cream, french toast and drunken pear. Adequate wine cellar, the house wine being a good Alvarinho. Efficient and friendly service.Average price is 20-30 2pxpx).

& gt; & gt;Visit Taberna Valentim
Information: Av. Campo do Castelo 45, Viana do Castelo. Tel. 258 827 505

  • EXTRA: Manuel Natário Confectionery

Sweets are also another of the gastronomic traditions of this region, one of the most famous and profitable pastries in Viana do Castelo is here and is callede Manuel Natário Confectionery.

This pastry already has 85 years of history. Being recognized in Viana do Castelo for its fine pastries, having at your disposal a series of specialties that you must try: like Berlin balls.

There are many balls, but some say that the best in the world are those of Confeitaria Natário. From the ovens of this pastry shop, about a thousand Berlin balls sprinkled with cinnamon and overflowing with a sweet tooth come out daily. They are sold as hot rolls, with long lines at the door. A reason enough to go on a pilgrimage to Viana do Castelo, just to eat.

& gt; & gt;Visit Manuel Natário Confectionery
Manuel Espregueira Street 37, Viana do Castelo. Tel. 258822376

Conclusion: where to eat in Viana do Castelo?

As they say, in Portugal, whatever region it is, we find excellent places to eat well, everything will depend on what you want at each moment.

In the case of Viana do Castelo, these are the suggestions to keep an eye on to taste dishes full of flavor and tradition.

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