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They never told us that someday Viana would have to go to the World, and not the World to Viana.
That is why our PAPAYA, small, local and optimistic, dedicated to selling local handicraft products, wants to continue to put Viana do Castelo on the map, when the Portuguese need it most, guaranteeing their safety.

We are resilient. It is for this reason that we have united our local community and created PAPAYA MASKS, reusable protective masks, created from the traditional fabrics of Viana do Castelo, 100 made by hand by local seamstresses who until then were in lay-off regime or unemployed.

We are proud of our roots. And that is why, in times of crisis, we want to continue spreading the Minho tradition among the Portuguese, combining it with the safety of the Portuguese, and involving in what we do the older generations who know the best cooking processes and the younger generations , knowledgeable about new technologies and who wants to put Viana on the map. Although we are separated, we are together.

From Viana, to the world.
Because there won't be much left for the world to come to Viana again. Account with our delivery.