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1. Hobbies

1.1. A hobby is any promotional event promoted by PAPAYA on its official pages with the aim of rewarding participants who fully comply with their rules and conditions of participation.o.

1.2. Participation in any competition presupposes full and unreserved knowledge and acceptance of the conditions of this Regulation and its eventual additions and modifications, as well as any other complementary rules contained in the specific regulation of each competition.

2. Conditions of Participation

2.1. Any individual, over 18 years old and resident in Mainland Portugal or in the Islands, can participate in the competition.

2.2. Participation in this Competition is not allowed to any PAPAYA employees, their families, agents, partners and suppliers, as well as to companies.

2.3. PAPAYA reserves the right to analyze the identification elements of all participants in their hobbies, through their registration.

2.4. Whenever requested by PAPAYA and within the period that it may set for that purpose, participants must prove that they have the necessary conditions to participate in the competition, under penalty of disqualification and cancellation of any prizes that have been attributed to them. If the participants do not provide sufficient proof that they have met the necessary conditions for participation and the respective prizes have already been given to them, PAPAYA reserves the right to demand their return.

3. Participation

3.1. Unless otherwise specified in any specific regulation, participation in the competition is limited to one entry per person.

3.2. If the same participant submits more than one participation, only his first participation will be considered.

4. Means of participation prohibited

4.1. All participants who submit their entries outside the period specified in the specific regulation will be disqualified from the competition; that do not meet the necessary conditions for participation provided for in this general regulation and / or in the specific regulation of each competition, as well as those that violate any provision of those regulations or any provisions of the applicable legislation.

4.2. In particular, participants who:

4.2.1. Make use of the creation of fictitious profiles, using fictitious email addresses or false, inaccurate or incomplete registration data, as well as those participants, who resort to inappropriate strategies and mechanisms to win, namely, the participants who use manipulation mechanisms. or deletion of data through illicit computer programs that are liable to alter any results, in order to favor them over the other participants;

4.2.2. Suspected use of computer programs, or any other technical devices commonly referred to as hacking or cheating, allowing automatic or other participation to increase the score;o;

4.2.3. Proceed with the publication of any type of spam message unwanted advertising or cause any type of flood repetition of identical messages on the wall of the hobby page;mpo;

4.2.4. Post any comments on the wall of the hobby page of a religious, political or ethnic nature and / or that use obscene, insulting or offensive language.

4.3. The grounds listed in paragraph 4.1 are for illustrative purposes only, and any other type of fraudulent or non-fraudulent participation, which violates the applicable legislation, will be immediately disqualified

4.4. In the event of disqualification, PAPAYA may refuse to award the prize, even if the name of the participant has been disclosed as a prize winner.

4.5. In the cases foreseen in the previous numbers, PAPAYA will remove from the competition page wall all the participations of the disqualified participants, also reserving the right to exclude the participants in question from its official channel.

4.6. PAPAYA's decision to disqualify or exclude any entry from the competition is not subject to appeal.

5. Awards

5.1. The right to a prize for any competition is personal and non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash. The prize cannot be replaced by another product and is free of charge, with PAPAYA being responsible for the payment of taxes to which it is subject.

5.2. This competition cannot be combined with other promotions, offers and / or campaigns in force in establishments that sell PAPAYA products.

5.3. Unless otherwise specified, the prize is limited to the existing stock.

5.4. The winner of any competition will not be refunded if, for reasons unrelated to PAPAYA, he / she cannot take advantage of the prize that eventually assists him / her.

5.5. The non-withdrawal and / or impossibility of delivering the prize not attributable to PAPAYA, within the term that it defines for this purpose in the regulation and, determine for the winner, the loss of any right over it.

5.6. Participants authorize PAPAYA to disclose their names and the results of the competitions on the official page where the competition takes place.

5.7. The selection of winners is made by a jury elected by PAPAYA, using its free and exclusive criteria. There is no appeal to the jury's decisions, which are final.

6. Responsibility

6.1. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and, in the event of an appropriate reason, PAPAYA may freely and at any time, cancel or cancel any ongoing hobby, without resulting in any obligation to indemnify or compensate in any way that is, any participant.

6.2. All content made available by the participants in the scope of the hobbies will be their exclusive responsibility, so under no circumstances can PAPAYA be held responsible for those contents, as well as for any damages that they cause, namely, to the image, reputation and / or the good name of third parties.

6.3. PAPAYA is also not responsible for the use, within the scope of the hobbies, of any content eventually protected, namely, by copyright, the use of these contents being the exclusive responsibility of the participants.

6.4. PAPAYA will also not be responsible for the impossibility of participating in any hobby due to failures, network errors or malfunction of the website, nor is it responsible for any lost, delayed or undelivered records that may eventually give rise to these anomalies.

7. Personal data

7.1. By participating in the competition and in compliance with Law No. 67/98, of 26 October, participants consent to the processing and computer processing of their personal data by PAPAYA. The omission or inaccuracy of the data provided by its holder is his sole and entire responsibility, making his participation in the competition automatically invalid and the consequent possibility of awarding a prize, without any compensation being due.

7.2. Participants also authorize the transmission of their personal data to other companies in the group, if any.

7.3. The processing of data carried out within the scope of the competition is intended exclusively for the management of entries, namely, for the purposes of registering the winners of each competition and their respective classifications, as well as for the purposes of awarding and delivering prizes and marketing.

7.4. Participants can exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation, as well as revoke the consent given for the communication of their data and / or the consent given for the receipt of commercial communications by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the PAPAYA Avenida Rocha Páris, n 83 4900-494 Viana do Castelo..

8. Intellectual Property

8.1. The participant guarantees that he / she is the sole copyright holder of all content that he / she will make available in the scope of his / her participation and is responsible to PAPAYA for this fact, and may be excluded if PAPAYA suspects that the referred contents are not of the authorship of the participant.

8.2. Participants expressly authorize PAPAYA to freely use all content that they may make available within the scope of their participation, in particular, authorize PAPAYA to reproduce and / or display any videos, images and / or phrases by the participants in any communications, advertising activities and / or promotional, designed to publicize initiatives organized by PAPAYA or any of its associated companies, without which PAPAYA may not be required to pay any compensation, consideration or any compensation.

8.3. The participant recognizes and accepts that their participation is voluntary, expressly and irrevocably giving to PAPAYA - who will be able to give them free of charge to other companies all rights over the content sent in the context of the competition, having such a perpetual and free license..

8.4. PAPAYA is not responsible for any copyright infringement and / or other illegal acts practiced by participants in the context of the competition.

9. Changes to the Regulation

9.1. PAPAYA reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, the terms contained in this Regulation as well as the terms of any specific regulations for the hobbies it organizes.

9.2. Any changes made by PAPAYA to the regulations will come into force, immediately after their publication on its official page and / or on the page of the respective hobbies.po(s).

10. Other provisions

10.1. PAPAYA will not be liable for any damages or losses that may result from the temporary failure of availability or continuity of operation of the Competition, the defrauding of the utility that users may attribute to it and, in particular, even if not exclusively, of the failure to access the indicated email address.

10.2. PAPAYA is not responsible for the operation of the platform, nor for Internet connection services or e-mail servers.

11. Applicable jurisdiction and legislation

11.1. For the resolution of any dispute arising from the execution, non-execution, non-compliance, interpretation or integration of this regulation or resulting from the execution of the competition, which is not resolved by mutual agreement, the Viana do Castelo District Courts will be competent and, with express waiver of any other.

Any doubts about these Regulations should be addressed to PAPAYA, through the following contacts:


Avenida Rocha Páris n833

4900-494 Viana do Castelo

Phone: 351 966 952 6422