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About Us

It is always difficult to talk about us. So we challenge you to know our values.  


We are a message of hope and Portuguese pride.

We are proud of our roots, and our masks are an example of this. That is why, in times of crisis, we want to continue spreading the Minho tradition around the world. For this reason, we have combined our tradition with safety in the form of social protection masks, as an optimistic message from our region.


We are a cultural project to put Viana on the map.

Our work does not come from now. We are a small independent and local brand, born in Viana do Castelo and dedicated to the sale of local handcrafted products. Affected in times of crisis, we want, with optimism and the Minho resilience that characterizes us, to continue to put Viana on the map at a time when the Portuguese are in need, in order to raise national pride.


We are a generational project.

We want to bring generations together, at a time that, although separate, we all have to be together. As the Minho region is one of the most noble in textile manufacturing, through our products, we apply the knowledge of the older generations who know the best manufacturing processes, and the younger generations, who know the new technologies and who have a desire to put Viana on the map. That is why our products reach Portugal all over.


More than a product, we are a cause.

In a context like this, we feel entitled to help. And that is why, when you buy one of our products, you can contribute 1 to help equip the different hospitals that have been at the forefront of combating COVID19 with hospital supplies, in addition to having the motto to ensure the health of all of us and those around us.



We are a brand created by and to help the local community.


They say that marks are made by whoever is behind them. Viana do Castelo is one of the places most affected by the pandemic that left textile factories and small businesses supported by tourism deactivated, such as our store, and which took part of the local community to the unemployment and lay-off regime. That is why when you buy our products, you are not only helping our store, like the local artisans, as our collection is created by hand by local seamstresses who until then were in poor condition.