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Afife Winter Collar

Afife Winter Collar

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Reversible winter collar, with one side of regional blue wool scarf and the other side of bright blue anti-allergic wool or hand-knitted blue.

Afife is a parish in Viana do Castelo that, according to the archaeologist José Bouça, the origin of the name is Roman, from Aff-hyphae, which means "hair soup".

This is because, at the time when Júlio César's legion invaded the Portuguese lands, massacring the populations and raping Portuguese maidens and ladies, they tortured themselves in order to escape. They disfigured their own faces and cut their hair, hiding their locks in the chain of a fountain, lest they be stained by the enemy's impure lips. Later, the soldiers, to quench their thirst, went to the fountain and refreshed their lips with the damsels' wet hair, resulting in the expression: hair soup.

Bringing yet another tradition, our winter collars are born, which are hand knitted by our seamstresses who put so much dedication into our pieces.

*The wool face is customizable, you can choose the color you want.

*100 cotton collar..